December 2016: Medical product solution for a major client

A revolutionary new medical product has been designed for a major client.

alpha2delta designed the electronics, firmware and CE documentation for the product system that has now received CE medical approval, and will be available soon to the public

These devices use the latest STM low energy 32bit processors (STM32L152).

December 2016: A new concept in art

A new concept in art by a startup company, Thoseworks with a product JOTO This is already an award winning design currently (DEC-JAN 2016/7) in the design museum in London

alpha2delta designed the hardware and software for this product

November 2016: Inductosense embedded wireless sensing

This design for a wireless sensing device concept by Inductosense was well developed, but the FPGA design needed a lot of work done to produce a working prototype. alpha2delta rewrote the VHDL for the xilinx FPGA and the result can be seen in this video video

January 2016: Powervault energy storage

alpha2delta helped in providing design optimisation for the revolutionary energy storage system for Powervault

March 2015: alpha2delta design, new name, experienced company

The founding of the company and its new web site is the news for March. We are committed to provide the best for our clients with a full range of services in a full range of sectors. Watch out for events as this company goes from strength to strength

alpha2delta provides design for consumer products. We work closely with our clients to ensure the product is suitable for mass production. Performing DFM and DFT analysis and cost reduction